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Med Surg System

Med Surg System

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Learn med surg faster in nursing school!

The Med Surg System includes:

Med Surg Flashcards

These med surg flashcards have all the key information you need to learn your disorders faster in nursing school! They follow our Core 4 Study Method and outline the must-know points!

  • Beautiful, 5.5x4.25 inch med surg flashcards
  • Only the must-know information for each disorder following our tried and true Core 4 Method
  • Critical thinking key points, memory tricks, and must-know key points called out to help you know what's likely to show up on your exam
  • Contains over 80 must-know disorders

Med Surg Clinical Guide

Includes the must know info for giving meds safely at clinical, including medication rights, key assessments and monitoring, normal lab values, therapeutic ranges, types of IV fluids, and more!

How to Study Med Surg Step-By-Step Guide

You'll get the complete step-by-step guide for how to study med surg in nursing school (so you can learn things faster and pass your exams!)

4 Core Method Templates

50-sheet notepad of blank 4 Core Method templates that you can use to write down the key information for any disorder you are learning!

DRC Critical Thinking Model Templates

50-sheet notepad of blank DRC Critical Thinking Model templates that you can use to supercharge your critical thinking skills using our very own DRC Critical Thinking Model!

I can't wait to send all of this to you and hear about all your success in nursing school! Enjoy! 🙂

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